Your Questions, Answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty on this device?

Yes, there is a 30-day warranty on all OlumiRing orders. If your device is defective within 30 days of delivery, we will either refund you or send you a replacement.

Will this cover my Face ID?


Will this cover my front or rear camera?

Neither. One of the best things about OlumiRing is its versatility. Clip it anywhere!

Is OlumiRing cool white or warm white LED?

Both! OlumiRing has 3 settings with color temperatures ranging from 3500K-6500K.

Will clipping OlumiRing to my phone or screen damage my device?

Nope. OlumiRing has a soft silicone gel lining built into its clipping mechanism.

How long will OlumiRing last per charge?

OlumiRing can be used continuously for over 2.5 hours per charge.

Can you clip OlumiRing over a phone case?

Absolutely, OlumiRing™ will clip over 99% of phone cases; however, some bulky cases will be too thick for OlumiRing to clip to.

New iPhone 11 with case pictured.

Does this work with iPads/Tablets?

This works well with iPads and tablets. Clip it to any part of your tablet for hassle-free studio lighting.

Does this work with Android devices?

Yes, OlumiRing works with all Android devices. 

Is this light adequate for laptop/webcam purposes?

This light is perfect for laptop and webcam purposes. Clip it anywhere you'd like and pick the best lighting mode to match the occasion.

Will this attach to a DSLR camera?

You bet it will.

Are Ring Lights bad for your eyes?

OlumiRing has a built-in softening diffuser for ease on the eyes.

We never recommend looking directly into your ring light, or any LED light, for long periods of time. All LED lights produce a high radiation in the "blue band" of light spectrum, which can cause some damage overtime. 

Would this be good for stop-motion animation?

Since OlumiRing can clip to a stationary object, it's really perfect for stop=motion animation. You won't have to worry about your lighting losing its place!

Can OlumiRing be used for videos?

OlumiRing works exceptionally well to add an instant increase to the production value of your video content. 

We also highly recommend using OlumiRing for webcams and WFH meetings.